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Oh, hello there!

I am a phonologist working primarily on the representation of melody. I have just recently completed an MRes in Phonology at University College London and before that I did my undergraduate studies at Bangor University in North Wales, also in linguistics. While I work primarily on melody at the moment, my interest in linguistics is more wide-ranging and covers the linguistics of Welsh, the nature of grammatical systems and issues concerning the representation of knowledge in the mind-brain. As a speaker of Low Alemannic and a learner of Welsh, I also have some interest in minority languages.

Beside linguistics, I have a background in computer programming and still make use of this every now and then to write some more or less useful software (inspect the link above). I enjoy advocating green politics, the outdoors, cycling, poetry, reading Thoreau, practising Tai Chi Chuan and all sorts of leisurely sports.

In case you wonder about the two names, I generally go by Freeman in my day to day life. In all matters academic however, I continue to use my father's surname, Breit. Feel free to ask me why if you really care.

Look around

This is all pretty self-explanatory, but under the section Academia you can find such things as my academic CV, and a list of publications (with PDFs) and presentations. The section Software gives some reflection of my programming activities, though not everything I ever did is on there and much of it is out-dated. Finally, if you want to Contact Me , that's that. I love to get postcards, you know?